Data Capture

The intention of our Data Capture is to provide customers the ability to capture data from event guests in both an online and offline environment. EventXPERTS will be able to house the data, cleanse the data and use the data for follow up marketing upon request.


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Our technology & services has been providing data collection, customer feedback and field audits and evaluations to brands across North America. As digital marketing grows in importance and effectiveness, marketers are under pressure to squeeze as much ROI from their events as they can. Our goal for EventXPERTS is to enable agencies and brands to deliver their events, faster, cheaper and more effectively, but still reliably, so they can get the most from their event budget.

  • We are proud to work with some of the leading brands in the automotive, insurance, equipment, manufacturing and agency industries to deliver scalable reliable event data capture around North America.
  • We create beautiful, branded lead capture surveys, waiver forms and registration portals for your events. No connectivity? No worries. You can even capture leads offline.

Give your guests seamless access to digital interactions and lead capture. Select from different tactics like charge station input, geofencing, SMS, custom URLs, bar code scanning, and QR codes.


(EventXPERTS will NEVER sell the data or use it for anyone except the client it was captured for.)


For more information on our services, please contact us at: 407-406-5900 or Email at