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#CobraPumaGolf – Mobile Marketing Unit for the #PGA Merchandise Show

#CobraPumaGolf Custom Golf Cart
#CobraPumaGolf Custom Golf Cart
#CobraPumaGolf Custom Golf Cart
#CobraPumaGolf Custom Golf Cart
Custom Mobile Marketing Unit - #MMU
Custom Mobile Marketing Unit – #MMU
Mobile Marketing Unit + Cobra Golf Cube
Mobile Marketing Unit + Cobra Golf Cube

It’s hard to believe that 1 week ago today, we were unloading from the 2015 #PGA Merchandise show for #CobraPumaGolf

Our #MMU (Mobile Marketing Units) were rented by #Cobra to help gather customer information about their club type and data capture for future use. Our marketing equipment was used to draw customers over as well as to help their brand stand out amongst the many vendors at the show.

Cobra Golf Data Capture Landing Page
Cobra Golf Data Capture Landing Page

We also created a custom golf cart for them as well, and this served as a backdrop for numerous product videos and pictures of their latest club #FlyZ #FlipItRipIt set of clubs.

We look forward to following up with Cobra Golf soon, and hope to be at some of their future golf events and latest product demonstration days to follow. Stay tuned to #EventXPERTS for all of your Custom Marketing needs.

Quick Video Recap of the show: Password: cobrapuma  Enjoy!

<p><a href=”″>CobraPuma Event</a> from <a href=””>EventXPERTS</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>


  • Video Credit: Omar Mendez – Thanks for Shooting and Editing during the week.

EventXPERTS showcase their MMU (Mobile Marketing Unit)

As event experts, we get many questions about how we setup our trade show booth and Mobile Marketing Unit (MMU).  Each unit takes about 20 minutes to fully setup, brand and get ready for the live event.  We have shot 3 separate videos with the new #hyperlapse program from Instagram, so watch and enjoy.   Always remember we can customize any event or trade show for your liking, just email us at sales @ EventXPERTS dot com for more information.

Let us help you increase your brand awareness, or help your brand stand out from the rest!

Summer Music Festival – Key West (tags: @alicastro, @titopuentejr, @MeVsMurphy, @pinkbubblegum, @lariquena)

We all had a great time this weekend in Key West, at the Verizon Wireless Summer Music Festival.  Here are some quick pictures from this weekend’s event.

Bands that performed were:

Alicastro – @alicastro

Guanabana Girls – Maggie

Joyful Voices

La Riquena – @lariquena @marlowrosado

Me vs Murphy – @MeVsMurphy

Pink Bubblegum – @pinkbubblegum

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Also check out or for more images

Key West Music Festival (tags: @EventXPERTS, #Verizon)


We are at "Mile Zero" for a two day Key West Music Festival.

Bands performing are:
Pink Bubblegum
Me vs. Murphy
Guananbana Girls
La Riquena
Bahama Village Music Program's Joyful Voices Choir
Tito Puente, Jr

Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2

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