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EventXPERTS showcase their MMU (Mobile Marketing Unit)

As event experts, we get many questions about how we setup our trade show booth and Mobile Marketing Unit (MMU).  Each unit takes about 20 minutes to fully setup, brand and get ready for the live event.  We have shot 3 separate videos with the new #hyperlapse program from Instagram, so watch and enjoy.   Always remember we can customize any event or trade show for your liking, just email us at sales @ EventXPERTS dot com for more information.

Let us help you increase your brand awareness, or help your brand stand out from the rest!

CES invades Vegas (tags: #CES, Vegas, Experiential Marketing)


    CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is coming to Las Vegas next week January 10th through January 13th.  Each year Consumer products from all realms are introduced, reviewed, marketed and displayed.  EventXPERTS will be live from Vegas next week, showcasing our latest products and networking our Mobile Marketing Units, for future Mobile Marketing tours. The Las Vegas Convention Center becomes the epicenter for the newest trends in technology; a massive 150,000 people attended the event last year, with over 40,000 senior level executives in attendance, ready to buy and market their wares.

About CommXPERTS:   CommXPERTS is our products based business that launches and sells multiple electronic devices.   EventXPERTS is our Mobile Marketing Division (Experiential) that highlights and markets these specific electronic products that we are picking up at CES.

Stay tuned for much more news, and live photos from next weeks’ event.

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Orlando’s Mascot Games at The Amway Center

Stop by this Saturday, July 30th at the Amway Center, and see our EventXPERTS as we host the Verizon Wireless Events Team.

Here is a quick link for the event:


We hope to see you there.

Saturday: July 30th – Starting at 12 (Noon)

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